Monday, November 24, 2008

What now for the City Stars? (Part I)

I would venture a guess that most people that read this blog know by now that Cleveland City are (supposedly) moving up to the USL First Division for next season. GOALSeattle reported this first on Saturday until the league made them remove the post. The information came from the Seattle Wolves delegation who were in the USL-2 League meeting. and Devo's Direct Kicks (soccer blog from Rochester) have also reported that we're moving up.

If we do move up, it will definitely be an exciting season. I think that we've got enough talent to be able to compete, assuming most of our team from last season returns. Also, MLS Commissioner Don Garber announced that MLS rosters will be smaller and that the reserve league has been cut. That should also increase the talent pool for USL. There will be more talented players available and willing to play in the First Division.

With that being said, here's who I would like to see return for next season:

Eric Reed

Mark Schulte
Anthony Stovall
Jeremy Tolleson
Musa Otieno

Godfrey Tenoff
Floyd Franks
Derek Potteiger
Ryan Stewart
Adriano Sella

Sallieu Bundu
Luke Williams
Adam Ruud
Jason Hotchkins

With that being said, who would YOU like to see come back next season?


SteveBeau said...
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SteveBeau said...

Welcome to the 1st division from Montreal...

Look forward to beating you guys next year ;)

Maybe Cleveland could be a new road trip for the Montreal Supporters!?